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Miracles at First Child Care Centre is a non-profit, licensed organization sponsored by First Moncton United Baptist Church, to provide quality Christian child care in a nurturing and loving setting. The purpose of this Centre is to meet the spiritual, physical, emotional and developmental needs of pre-school children regardless of sex, race, colour, religious, or political beliefs.

Miracles at First originated from within First Baptist Moncton, and has continued to have a relationship with the church over the years. In 2016, the decision was made to realign Miracles with the church purpose by having the church initiate a spiritual nurture time for the older children.  This teaching time will be age-appropriate and will present the following concepts: God made everything; Jesus is my best friend; I can talk to Jesus anywhere, anytime, about anything, and; the Bible is God’s special book.

We feel that introducing a faith-based program will help with good character- building.  We hope to model and teach good morals and values and a love and acceptance of others that will follow the children as they grow.  It is our wish that, together with the values taught at home, the children will learn to treat others with respect and compassion.


Miracles at First Child Care Centre provides a warm, nurturing, safe, and inclusive learning environment for children from six months to five years of age.

Every child and family is supported and empowered in their growth and development with unique, exciting, challenging and developmentally appropriate programs which will enhance and promote child and family strength and growth.

Our schedule is simple, straight forward and flexible with the needs of the child at the forefront. When the children enter the classroom they are greeted by their educators, then are given the freedom to explore the various learning activities and interest centres that have been prepared.